Vrook Lamar is a jedi master, and is one of the Primary Antagonists in the storyline.

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Role: Antagonist

Alignment: Light, Evil





The Legendary White Savior Arc (Bonus 4)Edit

Legion of Kraynos Arc (Bonus 3)Edit

The Untold Story Arc (Bonus 1)Edit



The Sword of Destiny ArcEdit

Dark Evolution ArcEdit

The Revelation ArcEdit

Bonding Journies Arc (Bonus 2)Edit

The Great Droid War ArcEdit

Battle of the Gods ArcEdit

Shattered Memories ArcEdit

Rings of Naight ArcEdit

Resurrection of Evil ArcEdit

Dualing Championship ArcEdit

The Final War ArcEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Immense Strength:
  • Speed:
  • Endurance:
  • Durability:


Inferior FormEdit

Ultimate Attacks/FinishersEdit


  • Illuminating Ragnarock:



  • Green Lightsaber:


Zack XargusEdit

Darth KraynosEdit

Viloura XargusEdit

Eileen XargusEdit

God AlmightyEdit


  • "Oh, for the love of god! Can't you people do anything else besides deluding others with false emotions. You all think you can trick people with those fake tears of yours?! How foolishly ignorant!! Do you think that by sparing people's lives that they would join your evil cause?! Rediculous!!! Kain! Akuhiei! your rival is standing helplessly on the ground and defenseless, so go ahead and kill him!! Why are you just standing there?! This is your chance to annihilate him for good, so take your chance now!!! Why are you both looking back in disgust?! I told you both to take him down now!! What about you bastila and Carth? Didn't you both wanted to kill him before? Then take it!! Why are you two looking back as well?! You can't let them deceive you! What about your friends and families?! Do you think that they would accept you if you join these vile creatures?! Everyone! Now your chance to kill them all!! Why are you all just standing there for?! Your enemies are still alive!! Gop and kill them all!!! Why?! Why can't you monsters just die for good?!! Why can't you do humanity a favor and disappear for good?! Why must you struggle to survive when you know it's the end for you all?! Why don't you just die?!!! The lot of you--!! The lot of You--!!!"


What lies within Vrook's heart is Jealousy.