List of Protagonists:

  1. Darth Kraynos
  2. Viloura Xargus
  3. Aeon Xen
  4. Neon Xen
  5. Lizardo
  6. Liono
  7. Eagalo
  8. Foxxko
  9. Slither
  10. Tiguro

List of Antagonists:

  1. Vrook Lamar
  2. God Almighty
  3. Jesus
  4. Mary
  5. The Devil
  6. Damien
  7. Jedi Order
  8. Galactic Republic
  9. Sith Empire


The story begins to the point where Viloura was brought into the Jedi Academy sometime when she was born. Kreia was the person who brought her in and trained her from that point on. Meanwhile, the story also involves the soon-to-be Legion of kraynos superiors and leaders.

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