List of Protagonists:

  1. Zack Xargus
  2. Dark Zack
  3. Selia Vanick

List of Antagonists:

  1. Vrook Lamar
  2. Death Scar
  3. Death Stalker


Chapter 1:Edit

Chapter 2:Edit

Chapter 3:Edit

Chapter 4:Edit

Chapter 5:Edit

Chapter 6:Edit

Chapter 7:Edit

Chapter 8:Edit

Chapter 9:Edit

Chapter 10:Edit

Chapter 11:Edit

Chapter 12:Edit

Chapter 13:Edit

Chapter 14:Edit

Chapter 15:Edit

Chapter 16:Edit

Chapter 17:Edit

Chapter 18:Edit

Chapter 19: Destined BattlesEdit

???: Mira VS.Edit

???: Brianna Kae VS.Edit

???: Visas Marr VS.Edit

???: Canderous Ordo VS. JudgmentEdit

???: Atton Rand VS.Edit

???: Michael Xargus VS. HanharrEdit

???: Nathan Xargus VS. Handmaiden SistersEdit

???: Orian Xargus VS.Edit

???: Valka Xargus VS.Edit

???: Suka Xargus VS.Edit

Perfection meets Hope: Michael Xargus, Nathan Xargus, Orian Xargus, Valka Xargus, and Suka Xargus VS. G0-T0Edit

Chapter 20: Beginning of the EndEdit

Death of thy Fallen God: Darth Kraynos, Twilight Dantas, Alexander Xargus, Lucian Xen VS. God AlimightyEdit

Fall of the Goddess: Viloura Xargus, Eileen Xargus, Helena Xargus VS. MaryEdit

A Dying Light: Aeon Xen and Neon Xen VS. JesusEdit

The Price of Jealousy: Zack Xargus VS. Vrook LamarEdit

The Death Brothers' Final Fate: Zack Xargus and Dark Zack VS. Kain Ragnos and Akuhiei RagnosEdit

Last wishes: Zack Xargus and Selia Vanick VS. Ending DelivererEdit


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