The Sword Of Destiny is also known as "the weapon of ultimate power", for who ever wields it can control the face of all existance by changing, saving, or destroying it completely.

The Chosen WielderEdit

An Ancient ProphecyEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Getsuga (Normal):
  • Dark Getsuga (Dark Form):
  • Resolve Getsuga (Resolve Form):
  • Instincts Getsuga (Instincts Form):
  • Divine Getsuga (H.D.W. Form):
  • Malevolance Getsuga (D.M.W. Form):
  • Final Getsuga (U.F.W. Form):
  • Ultimate Getsuga (Ultimatum Form):
  • Time/Space Regression:
  • Elemental Manipulation:
  • Energy Absorption:
  • Destiny/Fate Manipulation:
  • Unimaginable Power:
  • Purification:
  • Corruption:
  • Indestructible Shield:

Rival WeaponEdit

Main Title: Urizen, Sword of Naught, Affinity Gauntlet.


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