"It's no different from having the sexual urge to break into a young girls bedroom while she's sleeping.

Lust is the incarnation of Zack's Lust, and his D.M.W. form



Personality-wise, Lust tends to be very charismatic, perverted, energetic, curious, optimistic, and very well flirtful to young beautiful wemon.

But despite being a perverted old wolf, he can be very polite to those that have less urgeable problems. He is a very skilled costume maker and runs his own shop, though he mostly makes nurse and maid outfits. He is also a master of dating hobbies (or a Love Doctor for one), as he has gone out with (and slept with) countless young wemon, and he teaches others how to dates girls properly (like Kaden Ragnos).

He and Sloth always tends to pretend to be lovers just to both confuse, humor, and terrify people, though Pride is already used to it.

His favorite food is Pizza, his favorite desserts is Chocolate.



Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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Zack XargusEdit

Eliya KaliyenEdit

Sloth (Zack)Edit

Pride (Zack)Edit

Death ScarEdit

Kallen RagnosEdit

Kaden RagnosEdit

At one time, Lust told Kaden about the importances of love and romance. He even helped him out with advices that finally won the heart of his girlfriend, Naldia.

Dawn RagnosEdit



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