"Fame & conquest, those are the basic ways to achieve victory."

Death Scar is the villain and the 1st Central Antagonist of the FOD storyline.

Original: Kain Ragnos

Role: Antagonist, Villain

Alignment: Dark, Evil


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Gold/Fire-colored eyes. Black/Fire-colored hair. A large scar on his face. Slim but muscular. And has a spreading fire tattoo on his back.


Personality-wise, Death Scar is confident, cunning, sinister, ruthless, merciless, and far evil beyond recognition.

Death Scar, like Adas and the other sith, desires to rule all of existance in the palm of his hand, and to be known as the most powerful being in history.



The Untold Story Arc (Bonus 1)Edit



The Sword of Destiny ArcEdit

Dark Evolution ArcEdit

The Revelation ArcEdit

Bonding Journies Arc (Bonus 2)Edit

The Great Droid War ArcEdit

Battle of the Gods ArcEdit

Shattered Memories ArcEdit

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Enhanced Strength: Death Scar is strong enough to break through lightsabers with his fists, and lift a ship with little effort. He can even slice a Rancor in half, and send a Wookie flying for 13 kilometers away.
  • Immense Speed: While he doesan't often use it, Death Scar is fast enough to catch up to Foxxko's speed, but is halfway close to Death Stalker.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Impressively, Death Scar was able to survive a Grand Cerunga fired by Foxxko (albeit he did weakened it with his cerunga by 10%), and managed to stay alive, though leaving him with several burns on his body and bleeding for a short moment. He was even able to kill a army of 999,000,000 warriors with only minimal damage.
  • Immense Durability: Despite sustaining massive damage upon himself, he is capable of continuing his fights forlong a period of time.
  • Immense Power Level: His Midi-chlorian count is 250,000,000.
  • Master Swordsmanship Specialist: He is superiorly skilled in using his katanas and broadswords.
  • Master Marksmanship Specialist:
  • Master Strategist & Tactition:
  • Master Alchemist & Magician:
  • Master Manipulater: Being one that is a master of plans, Death Scar is very deceiving, even to his subordinates.
  • Keen Intellect:
  • Absolute Obedience: He can use it on an entire planet.
  • Fire, Metal, Lava, Wind, Lightning Manipulation:

Force PowersEdit

  • Force Shock/Lightning/Storm:
  • Force Bomb:
  • Force Hellfire:
  • Force Resurrection:
  • Force Persuade:
  • Force Death Field:
  • Mind Trick:
  • Force Meld:
  • Thought Bomb:
  • Force Destruction:
  • Force Torture:
  • Force Wound/Choke/Kill
  • Force Storm (Wormhole):
  • Force Levitation/Flight:
  • Force Planet Destruction:
  • Force Resusitation:
  • Telekinesis:

Magic & AlchemyEdit

  • Chimera Creation:
  • Immense Deconstruction:
  • Immense Reconstruction:
  • Wheater Control:
  • Life Resurrection Ritual:
  • Portal Summoning:
  • Body Decoy:



  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Devil Cerunga:
  • Devil flame beam:

Dark Godfication FormEdit

[1][2]Death Scar's Complete Dark Godfication formDeath Scar has fully mastered the Dark Godfication form in the end of the Gabriel Incident.

  • Personality Effect: Because of this form and it's power, Death Scar become an entity with nothing but pure evil inside, and will seek nothing more than the cruel desire to eradicate all life in it's presense. Zack stated that this form is the full manifestation of Death Scar's evil and darkness that dwelled within him when he felt "betrayed" that Zack left him for dead all those years age, for as he said "Betrayal is the most unforgivable thing that anyone could ever do!!!"
  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Ultimate Obedience:
  • Shield of Darkness:
  • Dark God Cerunga:
  • Dark God Tendril(s):
  • Dark God Beam(s)
  • Wave of Destruction:
  • Dark Miasma Flames:

Darksider FormEdit

[3][4]Death Scar's true form*Enhanced Strength:

  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Cerunga:
  • Flame Tendrils:
  • Flame Blades:
  • Flame Torture:
  • Flame Bullets:
  • Flame Roar/Cry:
  • Flame Dome:

Kaihiei FormEdit

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Power Level:
  • Doom Cerunga:
  • Demon Summoning:

Ultimate Attacks/FinishersEdit

  • Blazing Roar:
  • Infernal Twister:
  • Death Obedience:


  • Hell-chained dual katanas:

Family & RelativesEdit



Main Title: Death Scar's Relationships

Zack XargusEdit

hates him

Kallen RagnosEdit

is very horny with her

Kaden RagnosEdit

Dawn RagnosEdit

Akuhiei RagnosEdit

Marka RagnosEdit

Tahlia RagnosEdit


Maya VernadEdit

Maya Vernad was Death Scar's 1st command Bounty Hunter.



Dr. MasonEdit


[5][6]Death Scar's subordinate, and his son's mentorZarden is Death Scar's Right-Hand-Man, and the teacher to his son, Kaden. Much like Death Scar, Zarden also seeks to bring domination to the universe, and appoint himself as one of the most powerful beings in existance. When Zarden dies against Foxxko, Death Scar coldly states that he was nothing more than a tool to begin with. Proving that he was just a pawn in a game.



  • (to Vrook) "Do as you see fit, though I warn you, I shall be the one to destroy Zack Xargus."
  • (to Zack) "There is no such thing as good and evil, Zack. There is only power, and those who are too weak to gain it."
  • (to Zack) "Fine. We'll try it your way for once."
  • (to Foxxko) "You make me sick. you know that?"
  • (to Zack) "Your stubborness to protect those you love is boundlessly admirable. It's what gives you strength in the end. But that can also lead to ruin and despair, should those you love somehow die. So it's both a strength, and a weakness. It's a good thing that I, for one, don't hold on to such useless things. Not in combat, anyway. It's always important to hold on to something precious in your heart so that you can have the inner strength to win your battles, but if you rely on those things for too long, eventually they'll weigh you down, until you finally die. If you want to fight against someone like me, you better give it your all and embrace the darkness within, so that you can truley defeat me!!"
  • (to Zarden) "Remenber, I want my son fully trained for the future events. A ruler needs his heir to be strong."
  • (to Zack) "Ya know Zack, I was always jealous of you."
    • (Zack) "What for?"
    • "I thought that I could be strong with my own power. But I was wrong. It's like you once said 'there are some things that you'll have to discover for yourself: the hard way'."
    • (Zack) Ha ha. That's funny.
    • Why?
    • (Zack) Because even though we have our differences, I had always thought that 'you' were the one that was always better at everything, too.
    • ...Thanks.
    • (Zack) No biggy.


  1. Apprentice Armor:
  2. Space Armor:
  3. Underwater Armor:
  4. NEO Armor:
  5. Hellfire Armor:
  6. Execution Armor:


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What lies within Death Scar's heart is Obedience.