"Never forget Zack, that your desire to protect those you love are what drives your feelings. That's what it means to a hero. And that's what it means to be free."

Dark Zack, like Zack Xargus, is a main character in the entire FOD universe and serves as both a Primary Protagonist and, ironically, also as a Primary Antagonist at the same time as well.

Species: Darksider

Gender: Male

Role: Protagonist & Antagonist

Alignment: Dark, Good

Affiliation: Zack Xargus





Due to being Zack's dark side, he has different sets in colors: His hair is white. His eyes have yellow irises, and black sclera. Has sharp, jaggered teeth. Completely white skin. And wears an attire that's mostly white with black designs.


Being Zack's dark side, Zack pretty much harbors all kinds of evil emotions. Such as being cruel, sadistic, Insane, cynical, malevolant, merciless, and also completely ruthless. But despite these and being Zack's dark persona, Dark Zack appears to be very protective of those who are dear to Zack and is willing to help him in any situation, no matter how dangerous or impossible they may seem.


Dark Zack

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Dark Zack

Possession: Whenever Zack were to be unconscious, dying, or in a difficult situation, Dark Zack is then able to take possession of his body.

Instant Regenertive Healing Factor:

Vast Force Power:

Enchanced Strength:

Enchanced Speed:

Enchanced Endurance:

Enchanced Durability:

Master Swordsmanship Specialist:

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Master Gun Slinger:

Enchanced Vision:


Ultimate Attacks/FinishersEdit


Main Title: Dark Zack's Relationships


(To Zack) "Hey! Long time, no see, King."

(to Korin) "It's not wise to make such arrogant threats, they always make you seem weak."


Dark Zack (like Zack) also seems to be the most powerful character in the whole FOD universe.